Friday, June 12, 2009

for real?

I have to just share this story, on Monday I basically ran away from somebody in the waterfront! how 1993 is that? Yea and I didn't just run away, they actually SAW me running away!! And now I feel really bad. People you may ask why I was doing this? Because I have NO IDEA how to say no to people. I thought that these things were meant to get easier with age, but it seems not. How fucking embarrassing, I ask you. Anyway so if anyone knows how to help me overcome this totally pathetic problem please email me!! In the meanwhile GO AND BUY A DOE SHIRT from seventieseighties, because it's the right thing to do and also cause they so fucking sexy!

Have a good weekend lovers

Anth xx


Wanderer said...

wish i could help you Anth
I wonder what you were running away from?

antheap said...

I don't know! Afraid of saying no to people because I feel bad. sigh