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Ish's chronicles part1-party politics

yes. Don't mess around with gangster love. or you'll come up short

Posted by: Ish
skinny white bitches.

NB: before i start this blog i just want to state that being a 'skinny white bitch' is a MENTALITY. this is NOT an attack on a race.
[so please no hate mail].. :)

I'm slightly fed up [and concerned] about all these sudden attacks that I and my other girl friends have recently received by whack girls. [also see below for bottle throwing attempt at head story].
girls used to look out for one an other and gave backs. but these days all i'm seeing is pure bitchy vibes... whats up with that?
i've especially noticed these behaviour's within the underground music sectors.
i, personally, have been 'attacked' twice by some whack bitches at two different dubstep raves. one in cape town and one in london.
the first time was at a night at the amersham arms; new cross [s.e london]. i can't remember the name of the night,but i do remember tomb crew and rusko playing. anyways. so i just bought a drink and wanted to ave a little skank, i joined my mate [david marsden :)] and did my thing. next thing i know some blonde chick starts elbowing me out the way. i had no idea why so i just gave her the 'don't even fucking think about it look'. i told dave about it and he joined me on the bitch look. then she slaps his pint of red stripe [important beer..] out of his hand, which leads to a jolly dave being an extremely fucking pissed off dave [damn straight too].
her little friends piss off and leave her standing there. then she pushed me. what?!!
bitch please.
i didn't push her back/slap her/pull her hair/spit in her face, instead i spoke softly.

'one day your'e gonna get stabbed if you ain't careful'.

let me explain my reaction,
a. i don't believe in violance at a dance. ESPECIALLY at a dubstep ting. its all about good vibes. stricktly. like the reggae dances were back in the day.
b. she started on another girl in some little dark bar in not such a 'nice' area. people do get stabbed there. quite often. she was clearly a little middle class brat who probably thought i was trying to make a move on her man. [who may i add was some emo kid].

anyway. dave didn't stop shouting at her. so the security guard came along and put her in her place.
and not to mention the groups of rude boys that surronded us telling us how they 'had our backs'. haha.

i saw her later on in the night sitting in the corner sulking.

i won't explain what happened at the cape town night, just a coked up, hyped idiot [another blondey] looking for some attention. she attempted to kiss my brother that night too.

but what i've noticed also is the hostility that girls are constantly throwing at each other these days. whats up with blantantly flirting with your man whilst you stand next to him? Or constant evils because the other has a real Chanel and the evil giver's is probably a fake?

It's boring.

Skinny white witches get over yourselves.



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Sindiso Khumalo said...

Oh Ishsha you are so gansta! Love it. Come back and visit I've been drinking on the pavements without you.COME BACK!!! xxxx