Monday, June 1, 2009

hello again

it's 4:16am, and i can't sleep. in exactly 7 hours at 11:15 Aunty will phone and wake me up and yell at me cause i'm late for the office. but aunty doesnt know that my alarm is set, it just doesnt seem to work on me! i feel like i am never going to sleep again and my mind is crazy with thoughts which doesn't help either. also am i retarded? i feel like technology has surpassed my juvenile computer literacy. is there anyone out there who can teach me to use something called "Profile 2.0". GOSH NAPOLEON. arg. big ups to everyone who got to have a pretty pair of glow in the dark shit hot yeezys. fact: i am jealous. anyway. maybe you can help me decide if i should dye my hair back to black? o the insomnia-insanity has stepped in and is controlling. fuck. send us some of your weekend stories and we can publish a fun abridged version to share with all our friends. do it. buy a shirt. give us some feedback. do it now.

o also i have put up a picture of our small family. we love you. especially late at night. if you aren't in the photo you were probably taking it. or you have since moved countries (you know who you are). also one of me and aunty that makes me smile, rocking that DOE baby BIG UP AUNTY FOR THE USE OF HER INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHIC SKIILLLZ. BRRRAAAAP. don't jealous her.

last word and biggest love



luminous said...

i fkn HEART my doe jacket.

Doe collective----Piiimp said...

That piture! ssssstttttttooooooonnnnneeeeed.

lumi. we like you. doe hearts u tooooo.